Track Cameras

Capture the Thrills and Spills of Your Track Event with Our On-Board Track Camera

If you've taken part in a track day or track experience before you'll know that the action can be over in the blink of an eye.

Our wireless track cameras allow you to capture every moment of a race or lap as it happens. Simply attach this tiny camera to the bumper of your vehicle and it will record all the track action in superior HD Video (720p) and sound. Our track camera packages are the lowest priced around and allow you to share your on-track experiences easier than ever before.

Share Your Track Exploits On YouTube and Facebook

Many of our customers take part in regular race days and other track events and share their experiences and race times online. With our track camera you can record your footage and then easily upload it to Facebook, YouTube or any other channel that supports video. It's a great way to brag about your fastest times and showcase your vehicle.

Our cameras are also perfect for race day experiences and most organisers of these events will allow you to attach these to their vehicles. The alternative is to have relatives and friends record the action for you, but even with a video on the side lines you can never capture the full effects of the action taking place on the track. If you've always dreamed of driving an Aston Martin or a Ferrari, our track cameras are the perfect means of recording your experience for future playback again and again.

This tiny camera offers so many benefits including:

  • Most affordable complete track camera package
  • Full HD Video (720p) and sound
  • Easy to use inside and outside
  • Tough rubber key fob enclosure
  • 1 hour rechargeable battery life
  • Includes standard 4gb MicroSD card
  • Totally wireless and portable

Our track camera is the ideal alternative to a traditional video camera and cage attachment. Don't spend out on this expensive equipment when we give you a camera you can pop in your pocket and which requires no additional kit. You'll be astounded by the results when you watch the playback.

Order Your Camera in Time For Your Next Race Day

Order your camera today and we'll have it with you as quickly as possible. Simply charge your unit and you're ready to go. Use your camera as many times as you like to record your action on the track and then playback or share online.

Portable, durable, reliable and affordable, our track camera is the best of its kind and will become an essential piece of race day and track event kit.

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Our Cameras

Our cameras record in full HD (720p) video and sound, and is the most affordable track camera package available. Includes standard 4gb MicroSD card!